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Punch-drunk: In boxing, the term refers to behaving dazed, bewildered, or confused. Dementia pugilistica is a neurological disorder triggered by repeated punches to the head over an extended period of time; symptoms include dementia, inappropriate behavior, slurring of speech, which resemble symptoms of alcoholic intoxication. Figuratively, it refers to a state of confusion resulting from fatigue, overwork, burnout, continuous exposure to unpleasant situations, or perhaps even emotional upheaval, as in suffering repeated blows to one's ego or emotional well-being. The Oxford English Dictionary dates the boxing usage to 1918, the figurative to 1934.
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When You Were Mine
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John Heart Jackie

When You Were Mine ~ John Heart Jackie (2011)

Jennie Wayne and Peter Murray are an indie-folk duo from Portland, Oregon known as John Heart Jackie. They released their debut LP We are Gold Mounds in 2010 and have earned a reputation from extensively touring the Northwest. In October they covered Prince’s 1980 single “When You Were Mine” off his album Dirty Mind. Cyndi Lauper also covered the song on her breakout debut She’s So Unusual (1984). Of course, Prince despises covers of his songs and continues to be a vocal diva about it. 

"When You Were Mine" is easily one of my top three favorite Prince songs.

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